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We are pleased to offer a range of products, that we believe will make managing your pool easier.

Floatron pool purifer
The Floatron uses solar power to keep your pool crystal clear, with a reduction in chemicals.
The Puronizer is a brilliant inline alternative to the floatron.
Cruiser 600
The Cruiser automatic cleaner takes the effort out of vacuuming your pool.

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Jolly Gel Flocculent

Jolly Gel is the only flocculent we recommend for use with Floatrons & Puronisers.
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Aquaflex Pool Liners, Covers & Rollers

Aquaflex covers and reels – options for all seasons.
pool liners
Aquaflex pool liners, custom made for any shape pool.
Aquaflex pond & lake liners – from small garden ponds to large reservoirs.