Are you planning on getting your pool ready this Easter?

  Despite the miserable weather this week, the forecast is better for Easter and many of you will be thinking about getting your pool opened up ready for Summer.  Make sure your floatron is ready for action:  If you didn't clean your floatron when you packed it up for the winter, now would be a good time to do so: Most customers are excellent at cleaning the electrode. However many forget about the the solar panel, coil and the basket, which can get clogged up especially in hard water areas....

Get the most out of your floatron!

A Swimmers View of the floatron Ionization Process
Is your floatron working as well as it could be? Has it stopped working so well? Get the most out of your floatron by following the suggestions below: Read the instructions again - yes really! Most after sales questions are answered in the instructions. Give all parts of your floatron a really good clean with a solution of  pH minus (pool acid) - vinegar and coke also work well. The basket, electrode and coil can be left soaking for a limited time if they are really scaled up. Most cus...

Floatron Review

We have had our Floatron for approximately 4 years.  We live in SW France and have used it in a mediaeval ‘pond’ which is stone lined and which is filled by water draining off the hill above.  It measures 2.5 metres x 4 metres and is roughly 1.5 metres deep, obviously less in the heat of the summer. The wild life has introduced itself, mainly frogs and salamanders. I was concerned about the water quality but since using the Floatron we have never had any trouble  except when I forgot to clean t...

Get your floatron and your pool ready for a busy summer

Floatron® Unit
Read the instructions again. they contain some excellent tips and answer most after sales queries. Give all parts of your floatron a really good clean - electrode, solar panel, coil and the basket. The most effective way to clean them is with a solution of  pH minus (pool acid) you could also use vinegar or coke. Carry out an operational test as shown in this video, to see your floatron working: Put the floatron into your pool and follow the 'Starting up' and 'First few weeks'  ...

Blanket-weed; is it a problem in your pond?

"I had tried every kind of blanket-weed treatment on the market. What a revelation to have found floatron, In the four years I have used this bit of miraculous kit my pond of some 5,000 gallons has been completely clear of the pond keepers nightmare blanket-weed. All my fish are fighting fit with no problems whatsoever and my water lilies are plants are flourishing. I recommended floatron to other Koi keepers and all say it’s the best thing since sliced bread. I would say to all pond kee...