Get the most out of your floatron!

A Swimmers View of the floatron Ionization Process
Is your floatron working as well as it could be? Has it stopped working so well? Get the most out of your floatron by following the suggestions below: Read the instructions again - yes really! Most after sales questions are answered in the instructions. Give all parts of your floatron a really good clean with a solution of  pH minus (pool acid) - vinegar and coke also work well. The basket, electrode and coil can be left soaking for a limited time if they are really scaled up. Most cus...
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Neglected floatron – time for a clean.

When you don't clean your floatron regularly, it won't work as well - don't worry, it is usually possible to get get it cleaned up and back to perfect working order. Not only the electrode, but also the solar panel, coil and basket get clogged up especially in hard water areas. Soak all parts in a solution of  pH minus (pool acid), if you don't have this, vinegar and coke will work. Heavy build up will need a lot of scrubbing with the cleaning brush as well as soaking several t...
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