Get the most out of your floatron!

Is your floatron working as well as it could be? Has it stopped working so well? Get the most out of your floatron by following the suggestions below:

  1. Read the instructions again – yes really! Most after sales questions are answered in the instructions.
  2. Give all parts of your floatron a really good clean with a solution of  pH minus (pool acid) – vinegar and coke also work well.
    The basket, electrode and coil can be left soaking for a limited time if they are really scaled up.
    Most customers are excellent at cleaning the electrode at least once a week. However many don’t think about cleaning the solar panel, coil and the basket. These do get clogged up especially in hard water areas.
  3. Once clean carry out the operational test shown in this video, this will show the floatron working:
    If in the unlikely event that your floatron isn’t producing ions (it will take longer on a cloudy day), or you are still worried, please contact us
  4. If your floatron is producing ions but your test kit isn’t showing a reading on the pool water. Test the operational test water which should go a very dark blue, if the test doesn’t go blue you may need a new test kit. The test kit should be kept in the fridge.

    Assuming the test kit is working, then test the backwash water for ions – there should not be any so your test will remain clear. If the test is blue showing the presence of ions, then the filter medium (e.g. sand or zeoclere) will need changing.

  5. Follow these suggestions and your floatron should keep your pool sparkling. If you have any concerns, please contact us
  6. To easily clear debris from the bottom of the pool, we recommend using the Cruiser automatic pool cleaner.
Cruiser C600 Automatic Cleaner
Cruiser C600 Automatic Cleaner