Froggy Feedback

Froggy FeedbackAbout 2 (maybe 3) years ago I purchased a Floatron to be sent to France to try to keep a pond algae free. I was concerned that it would have a harmful effect on salamanders which breed there. (It hasn’t)  Well, as you can see we have clear water, it’s too early for the salamanders this year, but green frogs are finding  it very acceptable for sunbathing! I’m sure most people use Floatrons for pools but we are very happy with ours in our pond and we are now up to 8 frogs!    The salamanders are late this year – it is still quite cold (relatively!)

Apart from the Algorem liquid which we added to the pond to clear it in the first place  before using the Floatron, (recommended by you), we haven’t needed to do anything, just clean the Floatron occasionally, and obviously take it out for the winter.  We have a pump to oxygenate just in case but haven’t needed to use it.  The pond is filled by rainwater only so its  level obviously fluctuates.  It is still quite high.

L.G. France