Get your floatron and your pool ready for a busy summer

  1. Read the instructions again. they contain some excellent tips and answer most after sales queries.
  2. Give all parts of your floatron a really good clean – electrode, solar panel, coil and the basket. The most effective way to clean them is with a solution of  pH minus (pool acid) you could also use vinegar or coke.
  3. Carry out an operational test as shown in this video, to see your floatron working:

    Click to view
    Click to view operational test on a floatron
  4. Put the floatron into your pool and follow the ‘Starting up’ and ‘First few weeks’  sections of the instructions.
  5. Clean the electrode regularly – it is best to remove the electrode from the floater.
  6. After approx. 2-3 weeks, the pool should reach 0.3ppm ion level (test kit which came with your floatron), if it doesn’t, test the back wash water, if this shows any ion content, then you need to change your filter sand.
  7. If you have any questions, please re-read the instructions and see FAQ  if your still have questions please contact us
  8. If you need to order spares please click here