Time for a new electrode?

Very well used electrode SA

One of my great childhood friends has relocated to Cape Town, where she is now settled with her family. After experience with floatron in our pool in the UK and then in their own pool in SA, they decided to set up floatron-SA, where thanks to the warmer climate there are many more pools.

Floatron-SA have shared this photo of a very well used electrode on their  Facebook page. I have have never seen an electrode get this small before.

Old electrodes

We would recommend changing the electrode when it gets pencil thin, like those I have shown. Once they are this size, the ionisation process won’t work so well and your pool may not stay sufficiently mineralised to prevent algae.

New electrodes, other spares, Jolly Gel and Cruiser Pool Vacuums can all be ordered online on our website.